Padova-Asiago Supernova Group
Stefano Benetti

My main topics of interests are explosive astrophysical objects: Supernovae, GRBs, Novae, Optical-Gravitational wave Transients (including Kilonovae) and Planetary Nebulae.

The whole scientific production is summarized in more than 300 refereed papers, 42 papers presented in Workshops and Conferences, and more than 1300 IAU Circulars, Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams, GRB Coordinates Network circulars, Astronomical Telegrams and TNS AstroNotes, for a total citations number of 27360 and an impact H factor of 88 (data taken from ADS, March 27, 2024).

List of publications (personal ADS library selecting COLLECTIONS-astronomy to avoid unwanted papers)

My CV (in Italian, updated Febbruary 29th, 2024